Critical Physical Geography of Sea Level. APCG PDX 2016

2016 Sammler, K. Critical Physical Geography of Sea Level. Association of Pacific Coast Geography, Portland OR, 5-8 Oct.

TITLE: Critical Physical Geography of Sea Level

ABSTRACT: This paper examines the political geometry of ocean spaces, how they are imagined, written, and practiced. This investigation forces a reexamination of the political and technical boundary where land and sea meet, at an always shifting and indefinite coastline. Analyzing the relationship between the political boundaries produced from the changing coastlines and sea levels demonstrates how these dynamic material aspects interrupt static political imaginaries. In demonstrating how sea level is a highly constructed concept, with incredible political consequences manifesting in territorial uncertainty for low-lying nations, the goal of this research is to create an opening for intervention in how sea level marks the world.

TRAVEL GRANT(S): Provost Presentation Fund $500, California State University – Maritime.