Equity Perspectives on Global Ocean Law and Governance. Hamburg Sep 7, 2022

Please consider joining us for an exciting conference on Ocean Equity on September 7!

5 Fab panels!

Panel 1: Intra and Intergenerational Equity in Global Ocean

Panel 2: The Common Heritage of Humankind Principle in
Contemporary Ocean Governance

Panel 3: Potentials for Equitable BurdenSharing
regarding Plastic Pollution?

Panel 4: Potentials for Equitable BenefitSharing
regarding Fisheries?

Panel 5: Future Oceans (Legal) Personhood as a Way

Download the preliminary program here: https://www.jura.uni-hamburg.de/die-fakultaet/professuren/proelss/wissenschaftliche-veranstaltungen/2022-equity-in-global-ocean-law-and-governance/draft-programme.pdf

In person or virtual registration here: https://www.conferences.uni-hamburg.de/event/264/registrations/

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Source: Equity Perspectives on Global Ocean Law and Governance (September 7, 2022): Overview · Indico