6 Postdoc Jobs – HIFMB Oldenburg

Join our aquatic revolution! Our Marine Political Ecology group will be supporting postdoc researchers in several projects around “The Great Poleward Shift.” In particular we align with the projects in The politics of diversity knowledge to understand change and Baselines and Biofutures , and also Borders, boundaries, zones: The emergence and construction of space.

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HIFMB Integrative Postdoc Pool (HIPP): Call 2023

For this call, HIFMB is announcing an exciting, cross‐disciplinary cohort project “The Great Poleward Shift” with scholars from humanities, social and natural sciences together considering how climate change affects ecosystems and global biodiversity. The cohort will investigate marine communities on the move and evaluate the consequences of those movements for nature and people through varying disciplinary approaches including: marine ecologists, (more‐than) human geographers, computer scientists, science and technology scholars, mathematical modellers, and biologists.

Source: Jobs – HIFMB Oldenburg