4 Funded PhD positions at HIFMB

(Image copyright 2003, MBARI.)

Come and join a growing group of social scientists at the interdisciplinary Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB). Located in beautiful Oldenburg, Germany, the HIFMB offers a multi-disciplinary, international, and dynamic environment for researching the marine environment and a vibrant, friendly and supportive culture for PhD candidates. Within the HIFMB, expertise in marine functional ecology, data science and theory are joined with a social science and humanities profile. The Carl von Ossietzky University is home to the Institute for Social Science, which is building strong ties to the HIFMB.

We invite applications for 4 funded PhD positions:

Suitable for diverse disciplinary backgrounds including Geography, Anthropology,  Planning, Political or Social Science, Environmental Humanities or Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences.

Two positions sit within Marine Political Ecology with Katherine Sammler, and focus on benthic geopolitics and BBNJ and biodiversity governance. Please apply via the links below: 

Two positions sit within Marine Governance with Kimberley Peters, and focus on dynamic ocean governance and emotional governance of the marine environment. Please apply via the links below:

Positions are financed and details are in the links above. 

Applications due by March 18th 2021 exclusively online/via email. Please check the instructions on each advert for how to submit your application.