Review of Island Geographies: Essays and Conversations (2017)

“Sammler’s brilliant chapter on deep ocean mining, for example, powerfully reminds us that the relationships between territory, sovereignty, law, and resources are a work of human imagination—and often much more recent and contested than many might imagine.”

An excerpt from Richard Howitt’s thoughtful review of Island Geographies: Essays and Conversations in Geographical Research.  May 2018  56(2), 241–245.

See my announcement here for Island Geographies: Essays and Conversations. Elaine Stratford, editor, Routledge, London and New York (Routledge Studies in Human Geography Series), 2017, xiv + 198 pp, ISBN 978 1 138 92172 6 (hdbk), 978 1 315 68620 2 (ebk).

This contains many excellent chapters including mine, The Deep Pacific: Island Governance and Seabed Mineral Development. Please pick up a copy or have your library order a copy of our book here!