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About the Book

Islands and their environs – aerial, terrestrial, aquatic – may be understood as intensifiers, their particular and distinctive geographies enabling concentrated study of many kinds of challenges and opportunities. This edited collection brings together several emerging and established academics with expertise in island studies, as well as interest in geopolitics, governance, adaptive capacity, justice, equity, self-determination, environmental care and protection, and land management. Individually and together, their perspectives provide theoretically useful, empirically grounded evidence of the contributions human geographers can make to knowledge and understanding of island places and the place of islands. Nine chapters engage with the themes, issues, and ideas that characterise the borderlands between island studies and human geography and allied fields, and are contributed by authors for whom matters of place, space, environment, and scale are key, and for whom islands hold an abiding fascination. The penultimate chapter is rather more experimental – a conversation among these authors and the editor – while the last chapter offers timely reflections upon island geographies’ past and future, penned by the first named professor of island geography, Stephen Royle.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction. Elaine Stratford

2. The deep Pacific: island governance and seabed mineral development. Katherine Genevieve Sammler

3. Islands and lighthouses: a phenomenological geography of Cape Bruny,Tasmania.Thérèse Murray

4. Too much sail for a small craft? Donor requirements, scale, and capacity discourses in Kiribati. Annika Dean, Donna Green, and Patrick D. Nunn

5. An island feminism: convivial economics and the women’s cooperatives of Lesvos. Marina Karides

6. Nature and islands: rethinking the cultural heritage of New Zealand’s protected islands. David Bade

7. “The good garbage”: waste-to-energy applications and issues in the insular Caribbean. Russell Fielding

8. The returning terms of a small island culture: mimicry, inventiveness, suspension. Jon Pugh

9. Conversations on human geography and island studies. Elaine Stratford and the authors

10.Retrospect and prospect. Stephen Royle

Source: Island Geographies: Essays and conversations (Hardback) – Routledge