Join us for a Critical Physical Geography Session at APCG, PDX Oct 6 2016.

hosted by the department of geography Portland State University Portland, Oregon October 5-8 • 2016

Thursday Paper Sessions C
1:00pm to 2:40pm

Questioning ‘the Anthropocene’ with Political Ecology and Critical Physical Geography (SMSU 327)

Organizers: Devin Lea and Marissa Matsler
Chair: Devin Lea

1:00pm | Marissa Matsler, Portland State University
Making ‘Green’ Fit in a Grey City: Knowledge Systems’ Challenges Across the ‘Eco-Techno’ Spectrum of Green Infrastructure Interventions

1:20pm | Melanie Malone, Portland State University
A Critical Physical Geographical Analysis of Soil Quality in an Agricultural Setting

1:40pm | Katherine Sammler, California State University Maritime Academy The Whale and the Kauri Tree: New Zealand Environmental Governance from Mountains to Sea

2:00pm | Samantha Hamlin, Portland State University
Lone wolves and copycats: Policy and infrastructure in ood risk and oodplain management

2:20pm | Aylan Lee*, Portland State University
Technology, Ecology, and the Undoing of Infrastructure: Examining the San Clemente Dam Removal